Seven Chakra Bonded Angel 3″

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Amethyst :  It is called the all-healer of people, animals and plants; this is believed to benefit migraines and headaches if you rub the forehead anti-clockwise, having dipped the amethyst in running water.


Lapis lazuli :   It alleviates pain, especially that of migraine headaches. It overcomes depression, benefits the respiratory and nervous systems and the throat, larynx, and thyroid, cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus, and the immune system.


Sodalite :  It balances the metabolism, overcomes calcium deficiencies, and cleanses the lymphatic system and organs, boosting the immune system. This stone combats radiation damage and insomnia.


Indigo Quartz : It creates a strong constitution. It reduces fatty deposits in the body, mitigates the effects of alcohol, and supports detoxification and regeneration of the liver.


Yellow Aventurine : It is a great eliminator and stimulates the will its energy, especially as an elixir, is uplifting. It enhances meditation, inducing a deep state of relaxation. 


Red Aventurine : It help reproductive system, fertility, speed metabolism, lower cholesterol, be helpful for side effects of radiotherapy, hemophilia, skin conditions especially eczema, fungal conditions, low pressure, pulse and irregular heartbeat, fibromyalgia, hernia.


Red Jasper : It supports the circulatory, digestive, and sexual organs. It balances the mineral content of the body. It is particularly useful as a gem elixir because it does not overstimulate the body.



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