Selenite Tumbled Stone

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A variety of gypsum, selenite is a very soft crystal. Because of this it’s easy to carve and you’ll often find it carved into interesting shapes and towers. It is primarily a protective stone. It is also a stone that doesn’t need to be cleansed as it doesn’t absorb or store energy, and it serves as a cleansing stone for other crystals.

ORIGIN :  China, France, India, United States

LATTICE : Monoclinic

SHAPES :  Natural, tumbled/polished, carved cut

ENERGY :  Amplifies

COLORS :   White

CHAKRA :  Third eye and crown

PLACEMENT :  On or near the third eye or crown chakra  or you can wear it as a jewelry.

HELPS WITH :  Protecting against negativity, cleansing  negativity energy, cleansing other crystals, cleansing the aura, connection with intuition and the Divine, forgiveness.

WORKS WITH :  All stones

USAGE TIP :   Due to selenite’s softness, it can get damaged easily. Never expose it to water or salt, and store it separately from other crystals.

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