Rose Quartz Seven Chakra Pencil Pendant

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Rose Quartz 

Chakra: Heart and Crown (It can work on all Chakras)

Birthstone: January

Zodiac: Taurus

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Vibration: Number 7

Origin Places: Brazil, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, United States, Japan and Sri Lanka.

Physical Benefits: Said to help circulation; healing mothers after a complicated birth; skin especially stress-related conditions; headaches, fertility, genitals, female reproductive system, healthy flow of fluids.

Emotional Healing: Depression, especially post-natal depression, forgiving mistakes, your own as well as others, the best crystal for overcoming abuse of all kinds.

Healing Functions:

  • Rose Quartz Crystal resonates Goddess Energy and is one of the foremost stones representing the Feminine Principle.

  • Rose Quartz is a mothering stone.  Its energies calm the mind, cleanse the aura and support the health of the heart.

  • Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

  • Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief.

  • It dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.

  • It encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance invoking self-trust and self-worth.

  • Placing rose quartz in the bedroom to correct sexual imbalances, summon a partner, or heal from love and loss.

  • It hastens recovery, reduces high blood pressure, aids chest and lung problems, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and alleviates vertigo.

  • A good energetic support for those with leukemia.

  • Rose Quartz has the power to increase fertility and to protect both mother and unborn foetus from miscarriage.

  • Practical Uses:

  • The best sleep crystal for adults and children; prevents nightmares, night terrors and will bring beautiful dreams.

  • It helps children not to be afraid of the dark.

  • Find the begun position for Relationships (Kun) in the bedroom. Place a pair of rose quartz in Kun position of the bedroom, to attract romantic love into your life. The two pieces represents you and your future partner. This can also be used to stabilize and grow an existing partnership.

  • The living room and your bedroom are the right spots where to place rose quartz in the home. Rose quartz in living room can attract love and harmony and the bedroom to ignite devotion and intimacy between couples.

  • Place rose quartz near the bed, or under the heart (underneath the mattress) to improve heal and open the heart.

  • In the work place, adding a chunk of unpolished rose quartz in the workplace will provide ongoing protection. It will help avoid gossip and intrusion. It is also used as professional support for people who are working as beauty consultants.

  • People suffering from skin disease can keep the raw rose quartz in a bucket fill with some water overnight and can take a bath with it in the morning to get rid of skin diseases.

  • Meditation is the best way to come back to earth renewed. Our everyday hardships disconnect us to our dreams, loved ones and our self. Rose quartz meditation releases negative emotions from your heart and all throughout the chakras. Once the heart chakra is cleared, the energy cleans up all other centers and rose quartz energy freely rushes the entire body. Meditation with rose quartz will favour your heavy heart and will allow it to unravel great, pure and genuine love. Hold your crystals during meditation and remember that rose quartz requires activation before meditation and cleansing before and after the mediation process.

    Magical Significance:

  • Rose quartz is a stone for the family. You can easily bond with your family members and deal with their differences. The energy it imparts goes within your heart to help you more with healing and let you nourish love and compassion with your loved ones. If someone from the family left, rose quartz can be a reminder of faith and hope, for this person to come back and rebuild relationships with you.

  • Rose Quartz wonders and powers of how it helps relationships are endless. It keeps peace and harmony by bringing together people in relationships, co-workers and friends. If a relationship is broken or there are disagreements, rose quartz will revive and restore goodness in everyone and will work on positive memories for people remember what it was like to be loved and cherished. Rose quartz will move you into a deeper meaning of a relationship in which communication between people is being valued. This is how to use rose quartz to attract love. Everyone will be inspired to express their ideas and emotions to their loved ones.

  • Rose quartz is the crystal of reconciliation. Cast a tiny one in flowing water at sunset and speak words you would like to say.

  • It is a mothering crystal, especially if you have lost your own mother, it helps you to mother yourself. It is also a good stone to hold on your stomach during pregnancy to create a bond with your unborn child. Take a crystal into hospital with you so it is near the baby after birth and will soothe it in the days after birth.

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