Red Carnelian Uncut Chips Necklace With Pearl

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ORIGIN :  Brazil, Iceland, India, Peru

SHAPES : Natural, tumbled/polished, cut

ENERGY : Absorbs

COLORS : Brownish-Orange to Red-Orange

CHAKRA : Red-Orange-root; Orange, Brown-Orange-sacral

PLACEMENT : On or near your belly button, as a bracelet, in jewelry, near the root chakra.

HELPS WITH : Courage, security and safety, willpower, determination, returning passion to relationships, developing a healthy sense of self, focusing on the present moment, overcoming abuse, protection against envy, boosting energy.

USAGE TIP : Boost your energy by wearing this crystal when you work out, or keep a piece at your desk at work to help maintain energy throughout the day. Since carnelian boosts energy, you probably don’t want to keep it near your bed.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is in the quartz family. Carnelian is associated with boldness and courage, and using this crystal can help strengthen weakness (physical and emotional), improve luck, and attract prosperity. As a stone of the sacral chakra, carnelian can also help strengthen your sense of self as well as temper excessive ego. Traditionally, carnelian has also been used to help vocalist and public speakers by bringing strength and power to the voice.

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