Malachite Bracelet (8mm)

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Malachite was the first crystal I discovered many years ago-when I was a child. It’s a beautiful deep green color with bands of lighter and darker green through it. It is a stone of the heart, nature, prosperity, and healing.

ORIGIN :  Congo, Middle East, Russia, Zambia

LATTICE :  Monoclinic

SHAPES :  Natural, tumbled/polished, carved, cut

ENERGY :  Absorbs

COLORS :  Green

CHAKRA :   Heart

PLACEMENT :  On or near the heart chakra, as a necklace  or bracelet, in a suitcase or carry-on bag during travel.

HELPS WITH :  Absorbing negative energy, guarding against pollution (energetic and physical), protecting against accidents, relieving fears associated with travel.

WORKS WITH :  Lapis Lazuli

USAGE TIP :   Malachite is believed to offer protection during air travel. Carry a small piece in a carry-on handbag, or even your pocket when you fly.

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