Hematite Uncut Chips Necklace With Pearl

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ORIGINBrazil, Switzerland, United kingdom

SHAPES : Natural, tumbled/polished, cut, rings

ENERGY : Absorbs

COLORS : Dark gray/black


PLACEMENT : Near the root chakra wear it as a ring , bracelet, or necklace, in a pocket, at your desk for a stressful job.

HELPS WITH : Absorbing negativity, balancing energies, relieving stress and anxiety, grounding detoxifying.

USAGE TIP : Hematite absorbs a lot of negative energies and it’s constantly at work. Because of this, it often breaks. When it breaks, return it to the Earth and get a new piece.

Hematite is a really pretty stone. It’s shiny and black with a rainbow of colors along the surface, like an oil slick on water when the sunlight hits it. This is a stone that absorbs energies, making it perfect for when there’s a lot of negative energy around. It is also grounding and calming, so it’s a great stone for when you are stressed out. Hematite also helps  you release limitations you’ve created for yourself without realizing you’ve done so.

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