Grounding & Protection Bracelet

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Hematite :

Hematite is a stone that absorbs energies, making it perfect for when there’s a lot of negative energy around. It is also grounding and calming, so it’s a great stone for when you are stressed out. Absorbing negativity, balancing energies, relieving stress and anxiety, grounding, detoxifying.

Evil Eye :

Crystals, Gemstones, And The Evil Eye For Protection – Spiritual Diva The evil eye is a “Luck Charm” believed to “reflect evil”… it protects a person or an object against negative energy or misfortune . The evil eye is a shield that guards against negative energy or thoughts willed onto you by others. When a person wears or carries an evil eye with them, it protects against misfortune and from bad things happening in one’s life. It helps to keep your life in balance, protects you from “bad karma” and negative intentions or jealousy that could have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general. The Evil Eye can deflect that negative intention back to the sender. We cannot always know when someone may be giving us the evil eye and that is why an evil eye charm is worn for protection

It’s believed that there are three types of evil eyes
The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to. The second type intends to harm. The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the most sacred one. The Evil Eye bead reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker.

Throughout the whole human history, in every culture and religion, the eye figure has been considered as a powerful talisman to defy evil forces… We find this figure in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies.

The Evil Eye, and all of these crystals can be worn on jewelry, carried as tumbled stones, or hung in your home, for energetic protection.

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