Emerald Tumbled Stone

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Often cut and polished and made into jewelry, emerald is one form of a mineral called beryl. Other beryl include aquamarine and morganite. With its characteristic green color, emerald is a classic heart chakra stone that promotes love and compassion.

ORIGIN :  Austria, Brazil, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

LATTICE : Hexagonal

SHAPES : Natural, tumbled/polished, cut

ENERGY : Amplifies

COLORS :  Green

CHAKRA :  Heart

PLACEMENT : On the heart chakra, as jewelry, as a ring on the commitment (ring) finger.

HELPS WITH : Prosperity, unconditional love, compassion, romance, kindness, forgiveness, manifestation, increasing spiritual awareness, serenity, experience Divine love, protection, healing trauma.

WORKS WITH : Other beryl’s (aquamarine, morganite), clear quartz, other green or pink stones.

USAGE TIP : As a stone of unconditional and romantic love, emerald is especially auspicious to give to another person as a promise, engagement, or wedding ring stone. Emerald is as hard stone but has lots of inclusions, so they break easily, which means you need to be especially careful with them.

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