Crystal Kit for Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Nightmares & Night Terrors (Bad Dreams)

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First method to use this crystals for sleeping disorders is  to Place this Crystals under the pillow while sleeping at night and also when you are relaxing. 

The Second Method is before sleeping hold in the hand and keep the affirmation and intention for what you are using it and meditate.

The Third Method is that you can carry the complete kit with you whole day while working or you can also use it in jewelry form that can always be stay connected with you because it will protect you from stress, worries and negativity during the day time. You can stay calm and can get sound sleep at night.

We have suggested you the alternatives according to our feedbacks. It is upto you now that what method you would like to grab.

Also don’t forget to show gratitude to your crystals next day in the morning as it is the part of the divine energy that always use to be with us with our karmas.

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Selenite :- This crystal is a symbol of how your mind should look each night before bed–clear and free of worry. Selenite is known for treating insomnia and protecting you against nightmares. It can also recharge your energy and realign your chakras during your sleep. It can give you a better night’s rest through either meditation or placing a large piece of the crystal in your room. Selenite is a great stone for meditation because of its healing abilities. Placed around your room, preferably at the foot of the bed, selenite can create a soothing environment free from tension and anxiety, which is needed to fall asleep easily.  

Lemurian Quartz :- Lemurian Quartz a part of Clear quartz, another popular crystal from the quartz family, is known for promoting vivid dreams, dream recall and dream insight. Quartz crystals are highly programmable, so it is easy to set an intention for them. Simply program the crystal and use it according to your needs. 

Howlite :- This popular and stunning crystal is known for promoting soothing and calming energies which can aid insomnia. Howlite can also reduce stress and anxiety, which might be what is keeping you up in the first place. To use howlite, simply place it under your pillow and let it calm and slow your mind.

White Rainbow Moonstone :- As the name might suggest, moonstone is a great crystal to help you drift off each night into a restful sleep. Moonstone is known for reducing emotional tension, so if that is what is keeping you up each night then this is a great crystal for you. If you are struggling with new changes in your life that might be interfering with your sleep schedule, moonstone is also known as the stone of new beginnings. 

Smoky Quartz :- Smoky quartz, rose quartz’s darker sister, is also a great sleep aid. This is because smoky quartz is a great grounding crystal which can dispel negative energy and recharge you while you sleep. Smoky quartz can also help you induce lucid dreams. 

Scolecite :- This interesting crystal is another stone which is great for dream work. It is known for promoting dreams, dream recall, lucid dreams, dream insight and astral projection. Scolecite also protects against insomnia and stress that may keep you up late at night. Sometimes Scolecite can be tricky to use, so if it starts to be ineffective try cleansing it or giving it a break to recharge. 

Dalmatian Jasper :- Dalmatian contains Tourmaline, it quickly transmutes negative energy and outworn patterns. If you are prone to over-intellectualization or excess thinking, it helps you to get out of your head and into your body. It is said to be beneficial to children on all levels from this lively stone and it is particularly useful at night to assist safe sleep and prevent night terrors.

Rose Quartz :-  For starters, rose quartz is a feel good crystal known for its loving energies. Whether you need to love yourself or someone else, this is a great crystal for you. But, did you know it can also assist you in falling and staying asleep each night? This is because rose quartz sends your mind calming and relaxing energies that helps you let go of whatever is keeping you up each night. As a bonus, rose quartz can also protect you against nightmares and night terrors. 

Lapis Lazuli :- It opens the Third Eye and balances the Throat Chakra. It stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work and psychic abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying and stimulating  personal and spiritual power. It quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It also alleviates insomnia.

Amethyst :-Amethyst targets the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and can provide you divine wisdom, that allows a healing energy to flow into your dreams, promoting a deep, calming and serene sleep. It also works to quiet the mind and remove negative energies. This crystal is also great for influencing dreams, treating insomnia and protecting against night terrors and nightmares.  

Angelite :- Angelite is known as the “Stone of Awareness” and has a soothing energy which can bring about a sense of inner peace in addition to encouraging angelic connection and astral traveling. Because the stone can ease feelings of anxiety and fear, this is a great stone for quieting your mind at night to allow you a restful and rejuvenating sleep that keeps you asleep through the night. Angelite is also a great stone if you would like help remembering your dreams.

Labradorite :-  Labradorite is a very spiritual stone which can help you connect with your spiritual self. It also promotes dream recall, lucid dreaming states and can provide guidance within your dreams. While you rest, labradorite is also working to balance and recharge our energy. Additionally, it can protect you against nightmares, insomnia and even sleepwalking. It also protects you during lucid dreaming states or during astral travel. This is one of the strongest moonstones for dream work.

Hematite :- This smooth black stone is an incredibly powerful grounding crystal, which can be useful if you are struggling with insomnia. This stone should help you not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep through the night.  

Lepidolite :- Lepidolite, sometimes called the “Peace Stone” or “Stone of Transition,” is a soothing and calming crystal that makes it perfect for getting some sleep! It can boost your mood and self-love, putting you in the right headspace for sleep. The energy emitted by lepidolite is also associated with Alpha and Theta Brain Waves, the brain waves formed in the beginning stages of sleep and deep sleep. By sleeping next to lepidolite, it can put you at ease as well as help you wake up in the morning feeling positive and refreshed. Furthermore, it can protect you against nightmares, insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. It can realign the Third Eye Chakra which will help for restoring or establishing healthy sleep. Lepidolite is one mineral that contains naturally occurring lithium, which is often used as medicine to treat mood disorders, anxiety and depression.

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