Clear Crystal Tumbled Stone

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Clear quartz is hands down, the most versatile crystal in any collection. It is always the first crystal I recommend to people, and one of the crystals I always carry with me in bulk to give others. It is a self-cleansing crystal, and you can use it to cleanse other crystals if you have a large cluster of it. Clear quartz amplifies the power of any crystal it works with. You can use points of clear quartz to direct and amplify the energy of another stone by placing the flat end of the quartz at the crystal and the point away from it.

ORIGIN : All over the world

LATTICE : Hexagonal

SHAPES : Natural points, double terminated points (Herkimer diamonds) clusters, geodes, tumbled/ polished cut.

ENERGY : Amplifies

COLORS : Milky White to clear

CHAKRA : Crown, all other chakras

PLACEMENT : Anywhere, for meditation on or near crown chakra, or wear as a jewelry, in a grid with other crystals to amplify their energies.

HELPS WITH : Amplifying the properties of all other crystals, connection to the Divine and higher consciousness, working through all conditions (master healer) protection, cleansing and purification, amplifying energy and thought and beliefs, balancing, body-mind spirit, improving concentration.

WORKS WITH : All other crystals

USAGE TIP : Use a cluster of clear quartz points to cleanse other stones safely and effectively. Place smaller stones in the cluster and allow them to sit for 12to24 hours.

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