Blue Turquoise (Arizona) Tumbled Stone

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Turquoise has deep symbolism for many nations and aboriginal tribes. Historically, it was a stone of shamans and warriors. Its use a sacred stone is ancient and worldwide. One traditionally belief is that turquoise protect riders from falls. Other prize it for its ability to promote clear vision, spirituality, and personal and spiritual power. One note of sell dyed Howlite, which has similar veining as turquoise and can easily pass for the stone.

ORIGIN : All over the world

LATTICE : Triclinic

SHAPES : Natural, points tumbled / polished, cut

ENERGY : Absorbs

COLORS : Light blue to deep turquoise

CHAKRA : Throat

PLACEMENT : In jewelry, particularly as a necklace ; on throat chakra during meditation; in a pocket, particularly a chest pocket.

HELPS WITH : Personal power, luck and prosperity, safe travel, speaking personal truth, giving voice to creative ideas, protection against theft, promoting ambition and empowerment, calming, absorbing excessive energy, harmonizing.

WORKS WITH : Clear Quartz, onyx.

USAGE TIP : If your relationship is struggling, place turquoise in your bedroom to promote harmony.

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