Blue Apatite Tumbled Stone

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 Apatite has a beautiful blue-green color, but it’s also a rather brittle, soft stone. Don’t store apatite with other crystals. Instead, store it carefully wrapped to keep it from becoming damaged. This stone is associated deeply with spiritual wisdom and truth.

ORIGIN : Mexico Norway Russia United States

LATTICE : Hexagonal

SHAPES : Natural, points, tumbled / polished, cut

ENERGY : Amplifies

COLORS : Aqua, blue violet, yellow

CHAKRA : Pink-heart or root, yellow-solar plexus, aqua-heart, blue or aqua-throat, violet-third eye, clear-crown.

PLACEMENT : On the chakra that corresponds with its color, in a pocket (carefully wrapped) when you’re feeling socially anxious, in your receiving (nondominant) hand while meditating.

HELPS WITH : Focusing on goals, connecting to the Divine, eliminating negativity, raising energetic vibration, enhancing intuition, fascilitating truth, motivation, decreasing social anxiety and self-confidence.

WORKS WITH : Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz

USAGE TIP : Use caution when storing apatite, as it scratches, cracks, and chips easily.

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