Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone

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I Carry black tourmaline (also known as schorl) with me at all times both to give to others and to help absorb any negativity that comes from around me. In ancient times, magicians used black tourmaline to ward off “demons”. Along with absorbing negativity and providing protection, black tourmaline also helps keep you grounded, and it promotes self-confidence and can help purify environments where a lot of emotional negativity has occurred. If a piece of black tourmaline breaks, it has become saturated with the negative energy it has absorbed. Discard it (just return it the Earth), and get a new piece.

ORIGIN : Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, United States

LATTICE : Hexagonal

SHAPES : Natural, in quartz, tumbled / polished, cut

ENERGY : Absorbs

COLORS : Black


PLACEMENT : Pants pocket, near root chakra, next to the bed, between you and a source of negativity, Wear it as a bracelet or finger ring .

HELPS WITH : Psychic protection , protection against negativity, grounding, stress release, cleansing, negative emotions.

WORKS WITH : Clear Quartz

USAGE TIP : If you have an excessively negative co-worker, position a piece of black tourmaline between you and that person.

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