• Amethyst single Layered Macrame Bracelet

    The word amethyst comes from the Greek amethystos, meaning “not Drunken” which speaks to the traditional use of amethyst as a stone to prevent drunkenness. It also brings safety to travelers and is related to the third eye, which is seat of intuition. Many use the stone for other issues as well, such as transmuting negativity with insomnia and dreams, making this valuable all-purpose stone.

    ORIGIN :  Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, Uruguay

    LATTICE : Hexagonal

    SHAPES :  Natural, Points , Clusters, Geodes, Tumbled/Polished, Cut

    ENERGY : Amplifies

    COLORS : Violet to deep purple, green (heat-treated, Prasiolite), yellow (heat-treated, “citrine”)

    CHAKRA : Third eye, crown

    PLACEMENT : On third eye chakra, above crown of head, near your bed, under a pillow or wear as a Jewelry.

    HELPS WITH : Intuition and insight, insomnia, safe travel, connecting to higher self and the Divine, creativity, manifestation, stress and anxiety, nightmares, addiction.

    WORKS WITH : Citrine, Clear quartz

    USAGE TIP : Tape to the bottom side if the head of your bed or put it on your bedside table to help fight insomnia and to ward off night-mares and/or help you remember your dreams.


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